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For everyone who cares to make a difference and join a fun and creative group of people, Initials is a company with a creative soul that offers all this. Their wide range of bags, purses, backpacks, and so much more, are all cruelty-free, Vegan, and BPA free. Caring about the environment while at the same time being fashionable has never been easier.

Initials offers many opportunities for shoppers, hostesses, and Creative Partners. As a shopper, enjoy their products with the option of free personalization of your purchases. As a hostess, open your doors to socializing with like-minded individuals. And finally, as a Creative Partner, grow your own, self-managed and flexible business and earn something extra.

This Is Initials, Inc.!
Initials, Inc. is a mission-minded company that believes there is no higher calling than to create opportunity for others, to be a blessing to those we serve...
The Big Event 2018
Initials, Inc. - The Big Event 2018 at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA!