Thrive Life

Main Office
Comp Plan
$64.00 Million
Est. Annual Sales
Food Products
Industry Category
Sales & Transfers


Unlike anything else you've seen before, Thrive Life is an innovative company dedicated to making meal preparation and placing food on your table faster, easier and more convenient. At the same time, being freeze-dried, their food options won't go bad in just some days (or even weeks) and they will still keep their nutrients and high quality. From now on, you won't have to buy, peel, wash, or cut your food. Everything comes pre-made for you.

The team of Thrive Life doesn't believe in the traditional methods of advertisement. Instead, they believe in word-of-mouth and referring people to taste the clean and simple food they offer. As a Thrive Life Consultant, you can earn income by finding people who'd be interested in their products as well as finding other like-minded people who want to join as Consultants. Your income comes from both of these Thrive sources. And that's not all, Thrive Life has many rewards in place for Consultants who show extraordinary work.