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Initially named Electrolux, and now known as Aerus, this company has been producing and distributing Healthy Home Products for over 90 years. At Aerus, they use a state-of-the-art technology to develop products such as air purifiers, water purification systems, innovative vacuum cleaners, and many more products necessary for a happy and healthy house. The company operates in both the United States and Canada.

Aerus also has a Career Express Program, which allows people to earn financial benefits while at the same time learning all there is to know about sales, finances, and business in general.

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1300 E. Valley Drive
Bristol Virginia 24201
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Considerations When Choosing An Household Goods Direct Selling Company

Now that you have decided to pursue a career in direct sales, the natural next step is to determine which household goods direct selling company you want to work for.

Here are some considerations when choosing a household goods direct selling company:

The Product and Market Size - Many direct sellers join a household goods direct selling company because they believe in the product base. Choosing a particular product base will help you narrow down your options but remember that even then, you are still likely to have several options, so it would help a lot to consider all factors before making your choice.

Reasonable Compensation Package - Choose a company with a competitive but reasonable compensation package. If you put in the effort and build a large base of customers, you should be able to achieve your financial objectives sooner rather than later.

Brand Recognition - When selecting a direct sales company, you should conduct as much research as possible, primarily if the company is new to the direct-to-consumer industry. Joining an established direct sales company would benefit from massive brand recognition, as consumers would be familiar with the company and its product line, making it possible to market your products.