Get More from Your Social Selling Efforts

Boost your sales and recruiting by maximizing your conversion rates with our highly-customizable and easy-to-use social selling platform.

Change the way you think about social selling

Social networks are for marketing not for selling!

Social selling by many peoples definition isn't actually selling at all. It's often just another name for social networking and social marketing, which you probably already do today.

We believe social selling is when a prospect, with whom you've built trust with via your social networks, is ready to purchase or take the next step along the customer journey.

Where do you direct them? Do you send them a link to your corporate replicated site and hope they find what they are looking for?

How we do social selling

Engage and build your social network. Use any of your preferred social networks to provide value to your community and establish trust.
Create a landing page. Use one of our templates to build a customized social landing page for your sales funnel.
Share your landing page link. Post your personalized landing page link as your call-to-action or share via messenger, sms or email.
Track activity and stay connected. With our mobile app for you can be notified whenever an action is taken on your custom landing page.
Stay engaged through the sales funnel. Easily follow up with a customer throughout their journey using our mobile app.

See in action.

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