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Launched in 2013 by Gregg Renfrew (who sold “the Wedding List” to Martha Stewart in 2001), Beautycounter carved out a place in the beauty industry for safe and clean products.  Given the United States has not passed a law regulating safe ingredients in personal care products since 1938, Renfrew was tired of scouring the ingredient list of products and wanted to get clean, safe products into the hands of everyday consumers.  While the US only bans or restricts 30 potentially harmful ingredients, the European Union bans over 1,400.  Seeking to give US customers the same confidence in US products, Beautycounter keeps an infamous “Never List” that contains over 1,800 potentially harmful ingredients they have pledged never to include in their products.  

With a company mission that clearly focuses on safety and advocacy, Beautycounter seeks to set the standard not only for healthy ingredients but also considers sustainable packaging and using their business as a force for positive change as core values.

They actively support nonprofits that align with their mission of partnering with leading scientists to discover safer product ingredients and advocate laws in the United States that require safe beauty ingredients for all consumers.  Always conscious of the climate impact of their operations, Beautycounter has pledged to be Carbon Neutral by 2030 and use 100%  recyclable, refillable or compostable packaging by 2025.

Skincare   - A full spectrum line of skincare to address problem issues of aging, acne, and sun damage, Beautycounter offers solutions for cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting the skin. Available for purchase both as full regimes of products designed to enhance the efficacy of their use in combination, Beaty Counter also offers specialty products that solve specific issues while protecting their customers from potentially harmful ingredients.

Makeup – Offering products for the face, eyes, and lips, Beautycounter takes its clean skincare focus to another level with its safe makeup line. Even creating makeup that works to solve other issues, Beautycounter combines effective ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Serums with everyday products like lipstick. A full slate of clean makeup removers finishes out this safe beauty regimen.

Bath and Body – you can’t forget the body when thinking of clean beauty products, especially considering the skin is the body’s largest organ! Beautycounter offers moisturizers, body washes and scrubs, hand care, hair care, and even Vegan products and a line specially designed for men!

BeautyCounter's Compensatin Plan Type is Unilevel

In the unilevel plan, which is used by BeautyCounter, all directly sponsored members who are recruited by the BeautyCounter independent consultant are placed under him/her into a single business level. Additional levels are then created as those sponsored members build teams.

The uni-level compensation plan typically will payout on several levels below the consultant, depending on his/her rank.

For example, new BeautyCounter consultants who are just starting out may only earn commission on the sales volume of their directly sponsored team members or level one. Once they achieve a higher career rank, they may earn commission on levels below their directly sponsored team members. Future rank advancements may include additional levels of commissions earned farther down their sponsor tree.

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1733 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica CA 90401

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Considerations When Choosing a Beauty Product Direct Selling Company

Choosing the right beauty and cosmetic direct selling company may feel daunting. Here are a few tips to consider when making your decision:

Do Your Research - Before selecting direct selling makeup companies, do thorough research on the company's background and other details. Check out its history and how long it has existed, its success rate, and customer reviews.

Business Strategy - Next, you need to check what marketing strategy the direct selling company uses and its effectiveness. Most direct selling companies use more than one marketing strategy. With this, you can predict the success rate of its products.

Products Offered - This step helps you decide whether a direct selling company's product is a good fit for you. Check out their current list of products and determine how well they meet your potential customer's needs and requirements.

Expected Income - Another factor, which is also very important, is to find out how much you will earn if you finally decide to work with them. Are you going to be making profits or losing?

Compensation Plans - Before choosing a direct selling makeup company, considering their business opportunity and what you will need to do to grow your business, is as important as finding out how much you will make. Usually, every new member should have the same opportunity as older members to attain higher levels. So, you should find out the requirements for each level and how much discount and bonuses you would be earning.