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 Founder Livio Pesle founded Evergreen Life Products with his son Luigi after studying the health benefits of the olive tree.  The olive tree has had a special place in human mythology, from the olive branch the dove brought to Noah to the sacred Mount of Olives near Jerusalem, and olive trees have been valued for their longevity and the oil produced by the fruit.  Evergreen Life Products was founded on the belief that the greatest concentration of nutrition from the olive tree is not the fruit but the leaves themselves.  The Pesles believed one particular organic compound called Oleuropein has special benefits when carefully infused with water.  Olivum TM  is the unique concentrate the Pesles created and the essential ingredient at the heart of all the company’s products.

Livio and Luigi, in their desire to enrich the lives of others, created a model to share the profits from their company with everyone who helped bring their products to customers.  By choosing a social sales system, everyday people could make a profit when their friends make a purchase.  Livio and Luigi then decided to take their enterprise beyond their native Italy and share their discovery of the powers of the olive tree leaf with the world.

Evergreen’s main product, the Olife infused water is available in 1000 ml bottles, is 93% Olivum, which is rich in Oleuropein, Elenolic Acid, Rutin, Tyrosol, and the antioxidant Hydroxytirosol. These molecules have been found to regulate arterial pressure, improve blood circulation, lower cholesterol, and metabolize lipids and carbohydrates. Olife also contains Calendula Officinalis which improves the function of the digestive system and relieves menstrual cramps. Half a glass, either consumed pure or diluted in mineral water, offers all the recommended daily benefits.

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The birth of Evergreen Life Products Ltd. through the dream of its President Livio Pesle
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Olife - Integratore Alimentare a base di Olivum®, l'unico infuso brevettato a base di foglie d'olivo.
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