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Founded in 2001 and starting small, It Works! Global is now a fast-growth company expanding worldwide. It Works! Global started by discovering a ground-breaking product called the Ultimate Body Applicator which is a site-specific treatment for body contouring and a replacement for surgeries and tight and uncomfortable shapewear. Amazed by the results while at the same time exploring the world of direct sales and internet networking, It Works! Global expanded their range of products and introduced supplements, body lines, skin lines, greens, essential oils, and many other health and wellness products.

It Works! Global also has a compensation plan in place for anyone who wishes to join their team and become a Distributor or as they call it a Wrapreneur. In order to do this, you only need to make a purchase, share your experience on a website the company will provide you, and there you go ? you?re all set and you?ll start receiving compensations! It works!