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Kyani is a health supplements company founded by Kirk Hansen in 2006 after he discovered the "incredible health benefits of wild blueberries." The company initially launched only two products, named Sunrise and Sunset. Both were supplements made from a blend of nutrients and antioxidants to support the human body's critical systems.

The products were a success, and Kyani saw exponential growth in business over the years that followed. In 2008, Kyani introduced another product to the market named Nitro FX, which, per the company's claims, promoted Nitric Oxide production in the body to maintain normal circulation and nutrient absorption.

The product was followed by Nitro Xtreme in 2011- an enhanced version of Nitro FX. It promotes nitric oxide production and provides essential nutrients to the body, acting as a 2-in-1 health supplement. Afterward, Kyani also jumped into the skincare and mental health industry but has yet to see any substantial profits.

As per the current estimates, the company makes around $118 million in annual sales and sells its products in over 60 countries around the globe, providing countless business opportunities to aspiring individuals. The company is known for supporting its sales reps, providing them with every tool to get started, including a dedicated mobile application.

Kyani is also known for its philanthropic endeavors. One of them is the Kyani Caring Hands program, which helps children worldwide get proper nutrition, sanitation, and education. Another much-appreciated step by the company is the introduction of Potato Pak. It's a highly affordable, nutrient-fortified, potato-based meal developed by Kyani's health experts to help malnourished children worldwide.

Unlike many other supplement and wellness companies, Kyani deals in a limited number of products. Below described are all the products you will find on Kyani's official website:

Kyani Triangle of Health

This consists of three products- Sunrise, Sunset, and Nitro. All the products use potent extracts from blueberry fruit to help protect your body against potential diseases. When used in combination, you get all the antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and nutrients to maintain proper body function.

Kyani Fleuresse

The Kyani Fleuresse line is made to protect the body against the devastating effects of environmental pollutants on the skin and aging. Fleuresse products use modern stem cell technology to repair and regenerate your skin, maintaining a long-lasting youthful appearance.

Potato Pak

Potato Pak is more of a complementary product of Kyani's Caring Hands program than a commercial product. It is, as mentioned, a potato-based meal infused with all the necessary nutrients the body needs to nourish. The product is delivered everywhere around the world where malnutrition persists. So far, the company has distributed over 2 million Potato Pak packs across the globe with the help of donors. 

Kyäni's Compensatin Plan Type is HybridBinary

Kyäni uses a hybrid binary plan, where an additional compensation plan is combined with the binary plan to allow Kyäni distributors to earn commissions and bonuses in addition to those offered in only a traditional binary plan.

The most common hybrid binary plan combines a uni-level plan with the binary plan tree to allow a distributor to earn additional commissions based on the direct sponsored team members. In this model, the Kyäni distributor would have two views of her genealogy tree. One is referred to as her sponsor tree (containing her directly sponsored team members), and the second is her binary tree which represents her position in her sponsor's binary legs.

Kyäni Address Info

1070 Riverwalk Dr
Suite 350
Idaho Falls ID 83402
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But how do you pick the best health and wellness MLM company for you? You can choose from larger businesses whose well-established popularity will help you promote and sell your products more efficiently.

Alternatively, you can opt for smaller but driven companies with substantial potential for growth. That way, you may find it easier to climb the corporate hierarchy and become a leader in your branch.

When choosing a product to sell, pick an option you deeply believe will benefit your customers. Another crucial aspect to consider is the commission. Most health and wellness MLM companies offer 20-40% commission on all sales. Some also provide material bonuses for their top weekly, monthly, and yearly performers.