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MWR Life is a global Direct Selling company that is changing how the world travels! Our exclusive partnership with the Travel Advantage booking platform enables us to offer the best prices, selection, and service to our members from around the world.

Our Life Experiences® are one-of-a-kind, fully curated trips to the world's most exotic and luxurious destinations, creating memories that will last you a lifetime!

We also offer a lucrative home-based business opportunity with a mission to empower people worldwide to achieve financial independence and Make their Wishes Real!

MWR Life's Compensatin Plan Type is HybridBinary

MWR Life uses a hybrid binary plan, where an additional compensation plan is combined with the binary plan to allow MWR Life distributors to earn commissions and bonuses in addition to those offered in only a traditional binary plan.

The most common hybrid binary plan combines a uni-level plan with the binary plan tree to allow a distributor to earn additional commissions based on the direct sponsored team members. In this model, the MWR Life distributor would have two views of her genealogy tree. One is referred to as her sponsor tree (containing her directly sponsored team members), and the second is her binary tree which represents her position in her sponsor's binary legs.

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300 SE 2nd Street
Suite 600
Fort Lauderdale FL 33301

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Considerations when choosing a travel agency direct selling company

Before you take that leap, there are a few things to consider when choosing a vacation and travel package MLM company. Generally, it's important to have clear-cut goals and plans of what you expect to gain from the business, then make sure that the company aligns with them.

Other things to consider:

Company Track Record - In a time when everyone and everything has a digital footprint, taking a deep dive into the company's history should be considered. What are other people saying about them? How do they treat their agents? What kind of relationship do they have with others within the industry?

Travel Agent Support - Many vacation and travel agency MLM companies offer a variety of programs and training to help their agents kick off their careers and help them advance. Be sure to pick one that values the distributor-company relationship and ensures your success as well as theirs.