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Natura & Co is one of Brazil's largest personal care and cosmetics companies and the 4th biggest direct-selling cosmetics company worldwide. The company was started in 1969. Over the years, it expanded to over 73 countries worldwide, with its main headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Currently, Natura & co has around 35000 total employees, over 6 million independent consultants, and over $10 billion estimated annual revenue.

Apart from being a successful business entity on its own, Natura has many other brands that thrive under its shadow and contribute to its annual gross revenue. Those include Aesop, The Body Shop, and most notably, Avon, which it acquired officially in 2019.

Natura & Co is also one of the founding members of the Union for Ethical Biotrade, a non-profit foundation dedicated to conserving biodiversity. The company actively participates in social campaigns across Brazil and Latin America. The main aim of these campaigns is to protect the social and cultural heritage of the aforementioned regions.

To contribute to the cause, Natura has made two dedicated institutes, Institute Natura and Natura Musical. Institute Natura mainly promotes various social and cultural causes, and Natura Musical promotes Brazilian music to preserve the region's culture.

Natura & Co has successfully built its image as one of the most successful sustainable businesses, with over 3200 outlets and one of the biggest distributor networks in the world.

Being a renowned personal care and cosmetics company, Natura sells many items under its own and subsidiary brand names. The main product categories of the company are given as under:

Body and Bath

This category contains everything people need in their shower or vanity table. It includes bar soaps, body washes, in-shower moisturizers, lotions, creams, oils, and everything else required for effective skincare and daily hygiene.


This category contains products for all types of hair. Natura's Hair collection includes shampoos, conditioners, oils, masks, treatments, and other collections. All the products are made with safe and natural ingredients and are safe for every hair condition. 

Mom & Baby

It contains baby products, including body care, hair care, and other accessories a mother or child might need in their day-to-day care routine. Almost all the products are 100% vegan and safe for both mother and the child. 


Natura's Men category contains limited products, including haircare, fragrances, and different skincare products. Some popular products include aftershave balm, shaving gel, and hair oil. 

Natura's Compensatin Plan Type is Unilevel

In the unilevel plan, which is used by Natura, all directly sponsored members who are recruited by the Natura independent distributor are placed under him/her into a single business level. Additional levels are then created as those sponsored members build teams.

The uni-level compensation plan typically will payout on several levels below the distributor, depending on his/her rank.

For example, new Natura distributors who are just starting out may only earn commission on the sales volume of their directly sponsored team members or level one. Once they achieve a higher career rank, they may earn commission on levels below their directly sponsored team members. Future rank advancements may include additional levels of commissions earned farther down their sponsor tree.

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240 Elizabeth St
New York NY 10012

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Do Your Research - Before selecting direct selling makeup companies, do thorough research on the company's background and other details. Check out its history and how long it has existed, its success rate, and customer reviews.

Business Strategy - Next, you need to check what marketing strategy the direct selling company uses and its effectiveness. Most direct selling companies use more than one marketing strategy. With this, you can predict the success rate of its products.

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Expected Income - Another factor, which is also very important, is to find out how much you will earn if you finally decide to work with them. Are you going to be making profits or losing?

Compensation Plans - Before choosing a direct selling makeup company, considering their business opportunity and what you will need to do to grow your business, is as important as finding out how much you will make. Usually, every new member should have the same opportunity as older members to attain higher levels. So, you should find out the requirements for each level and how much discount and bonuses you would be earning.