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Neora is a direct-skincare company headquartered in America. The company was launched in 2011 and has become a household name in anti-aging products. Formerly known as Nerium, the company was founded by CEO Jeff Olson and was started with 13 employees and a single goal- to “make people better.”

While the idea of the Neora wasn’t anything new, the company grew to the height of success in just two years, racking up over $100 million in sales- all through successful brand endorsements, the power of direct selling, and the promise of financial success.

Neora is one of the leading brands in the anti-aging space, having a total of $2 billion net revenue in the past decade, $800 million paid commissions, and $75 million estimated annual revenue. The company has also been ranked at the top in Inc.’s “500 America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies” list.

Apart from running a successful business, Neora is also a staunch advocate of spreading happiness. With their “happiness movement,” Neora is giving, according to them, the ultimate toolbox to happiness and longevity with their magazine, podcasts, and different subscriptions. The company has expanded its manufacturing to many product lines, all directly and indirectly related to anti-aging.

The brand also sponsors various welfare and humanitarian organizations, having raised and donated over $6 million to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and World Vision International.

Following is a brief overview of all the product categories you can buy or sell working as a direct sales representative for Neora:


This is the flagship product line from the brand, concentrating mainly on skin health and anti-aging. The company claims that all the products are made from 100% vegan ingredients and are safe for every skin type. The products are marketed to clean, protect, and correct your skin, restoring its radiance. 


The Proluxe hair care is a complete system of products from Neora that, as per the branding, solves your hair problems from within and restores its natural strength and beauty. The products are safe for every hair type and can be used by adults of any age. 

Natural Wellness

Neora’s Wellness category contains products for inside, and outside your body, from building muscles, improving digestion, and sharpening the mind to improving your overall physical appearance. All the products are non-GMO, gluten-free, soy free, and even cruelty-free. 

Weight management

Neora sells its weight management products under the brand name “NeoraFit.” The category consists of multiple weight loss products, including natural fat burners, pre and probiotics for enhanced digestion and fewer cravings, and sleep management supplements. The combined effect provides a much-needed boost to users on their weight loss journey. 

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Do Your Research - Before selecting direct selling makeup companies, do thorough research on the company's background and other details. Check out its history and how long it has existed, its success rate, and customer reviews.

Business Strategy - Next, you need to check what marketing strategy the direct selling company uses and its effectiveness. Most direct selling companies use more than one marketing strategy. With this, you can predict the success rate of its products.

Products Offered - This step helps you decide whether a direct selling company's product is a good fit for you. Check out their current list of products and determine how well they meet your potential customer's needs and requirements.

Expected Income - Another factor, which is also very important, is to find out how much you will earn if you finally decide to work with them. Are you going to be making profits or losing?

Compensation Plans - Before choosing a direct selling makeup company, considering their business opportunity and what you will need to do to grow your business, is as important as finding out how much you will make. Usually, every new member should have the same opportunity as older members to attain higher levels. So, you should find out the requirements for each level and how much discount and bonuses you would be earning.