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ORGANO offer beverages, nutraceuticals, and personal care products exclusively through ORGANO Independent Distributors in over 50 countries. ORGANO has an unprecedented and exclusive collaborative relationship with The Napoleon Hill Foundation. ORGANO's products include gourmet black coffee, green tea, and red tea.

Organo Gold's Compensatin Plan Type is Unilevel

In the unilevel plan, which is used by Organo Gold, all directly sponsored members who are recruited by the Organo Gold independent distributor are placed under him/her into a single business level. Additional levels are then created as those sponsored members build teams.

The uni-level compensation plan typically will payout on several levels below the distributor, depending on his/her rank.

For example, new Organo Gold distributors who are just starting out may only earn commission on the sales volume of their directly sponsored team members or level one. Once they achieve a higher career rank, they may earn commission on levels below their directly sponsored team members. Future rank advancements may include additional levels of commissions earned farther down their sponsor tree.

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11120 Horseshoe Way
Suite 120
Richmond B.C. V7A 5H7

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Considerations when choosing a health and wellness direct selling company

People looking to start working with a health and wellness MLM company should first study the existing trends and focus on a niche they find compelling. Some of the top fields include weight loss, anti-aging, diabetes, reproductive health, and fitness.

But how do you pick the best health and wellness MLM company for you? You can choose from larger businesses whose well-established popularity will help you promote and sell your products more efficiently.

Alternatively, you can opt for smaller but driven companies with substantial potential for growth. That way, you may find it easier to climb the corporate hierarchy and become a leader in your branch.

When choosing a product to sell, pick an option you deeply believe will benefit your customers. Another crucial aspect to consider is the commission. Most health and wellness MLM companies offer 20-40% commission on all sales. Some also provide material bonuses for their top weekly, monthly, and yearly performers.