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At Scout & Cellar, we're on a mission to showcase just how incredible wine can be in its most authentic form by making it free of toxic pesticides, artificial processing aids, artificial ingredients, and added sugar. We also ensure every wine in our collection is low in sulfites. It's all part of our Clean-Crafted Commitment' to doing the right thing. For ourselves. For those we love. And for our planet. No matter what.

It all started with Sarah Shadonix, our fearless founder and head wine taster. While studying to become a wine professional, Sarah made a shocking discovery: That many of the world's winemaking standards allow for the use of toxic pesticides in the vineyard, as well as hundreds of artificial processing aids and ingredients during production. This discovery changed everything, and not long after, Scout & Cellar was born.

Scout & Cellar's Compensatin Plan Type is Unilevel

In the unilevel plan, which is used by Scout & Cellar, all directly sponsored members who are recruited by the Scout & Cellar independent distributor are placed under him/her into a single business level. Additional levels are then created as those sponsored members build teams.

The uni-level compensation plan typically will payout on several levels below the distributor, depending on his/her rank.

For example, new Scout & Cellar distributors who are just starting out may only earn commission on the sales volume of their directly sponsored team members or level one. Once they achieve a higher career rank, they may earn commission on levels below their directly sponsored team members. Future rank advancements may include additional levels of commissions earned farther down their sponsor tree.

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4531 Simonton Road
Farmers Branch TX 75244

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Recent News for Scout & Cellar

Wednesday, January 10, 2024
Scout & Cellar®, the creator of Clean-Crafted™, wine has launched Epic Pursuit Alcohol-Removed Red Blend Wine, the world's first non-alcoholic... Continue reading
Wednesday, July 21, 2021
Scout & Cellar, the purveyor and pioneer of Clean-Crafted™ wine, proudly introduces the newest addition to its Epic Pursuit family:... Continue reading
Thursday, July 16, 2020
Scout & Cellar, the purveyors and pioneers of Clean-Crafted™ wine, introduce the world to the first MIXABLE, a new brand of lower-alcohol... Continue reading
Thursday, October 17, 2019
Scout & Cellar, the pioneers of Clean-Crafted™ wine, is offering a delicious four bottle Thanksgiving Dinner Set that makes answering the... Continue reading
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