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Sseko Designs is a global, fair-trade fashion brand. We partner with fair-trade producers to create dignified, fair-wage jobs for artisans across the globe. Currently, less than 2% of the people who make our fashion earn a living wage, and we are on a mission to change that. By supporting Sseko, you're supporting Sseko's mission to create a world where beautiful products are made by folks building beautiful lives.

In addition to our belief in fair trade fashion, at the heart of Sseko is the belief that every woman deserves the opportunity to learn & to lead. When that ideal becomes a reality, the world will be a brighter, more just, and more peaceful place. Through partnerships enabled by your support of Sseko, we are able to provide financial and community support to academically gifted young women in Uganda & Ethiopia as they continue on to pursue university degrees and become change-makers in their community and our world.

For every $100,000 in sales, our community creates THREE dignified, fair-wage jobs and supports a female scholar in Uganda or Ethiopia to continue onto University and pursue her dreams.

Our products are sold here in the United States through the Sseko Fellows. Through our social-selling model, we are creating opportunities for women right here at home to earn a flexible income while building lives (and businesses!) of purpose, passion, and impact. By supporting Sseko ' as a friend, customer, host, or Fellow ' you are co-creating a brighter future with us.

Sseko Designs's Compensatin Plan Type is Binary

Sseko Designs uses the binary plan structure for organizing the genealogy tree of their distributors. In a binary tree plan, each Sseko Designs distributor or rep may only add two downline members directly under their position. These two positions represent their right and left legs, in which additional members will be added to form a downline that represents a tree and leaves from two branches or legs.

In most binary compensation plans, the smaller leg or "lesser leg" is the one on which the Sseko Designs distributor is paid earnings.At first, this may seem unfair to pay commission on the smaller team, but this encourages leaders to focus their efforts on the team members that need the most help. A balanced binary tree usually will produce the best results for the distributor.

Although some direct selling companies also include a portion of the earnings of the reference leg in their plan, the majority of the distributor's total commission still consists of the earnings from the pay leg.

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222 SE Alder St
Portland OR 97214

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Customer Base for the Product - Although this should not be your only reason for joining, it should be close to the top. When choosing a fashion direct sales company, you should consider the products’ potential for profit. Pay attention to their clothing prices and quality because customers consider both before making purchases.

Brand Legitimacy - You should have done your research before you pick a company. This is especially true when the company is a new one. It is safer to work with large companies as they are relatively risk-free.

Compensation Plans - It is crucial to choose a company that offers a good business opportunity package. Although direct sales is not a shortcut to wealth, if you can work hard to build a large customer base, you should earn enough income. Always properly check the breakdown of their payment plan and business requirements before you decide to get started.

Startup Costs - You also need to consider how much you will initially invest in the company. Usually, you can determine the legitimacy of a direct sales company from their initial fees. Also, consider any additional monthly or annual membership fees that would be paid.