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Who doesn't love a good glass of wine? Especially when you sip it in your home, for free' Sharing good wine and the love of wine around the world is what Traveling Vineyard is all about. Ever since 2001 when the very first in-home tasting of wine was held, Traveling Vineyard has started expanding tremendously. With a wide variety of wines as well as the option for a monthly wine subscription, this company can constantly keep your wine racks in check.

For people who share Traveling Vineyard's wine passion, the company gives you the opportunity to become a Wine Guide and earn extra profits through a direct sales model. Wine Guides host in-house wine tastings with their provided Success Kits. You will be trained and equipped with everything you need to succeed in your wine marketing efforts.

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127 High Street
Ipswich MA 1938

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Quality and Prices - When choosing a food product direct selling company, look for a brand with high standards and certifications for food quality control and delivery. As with any product you sell, the better the value to cost ratio of the products you represent, the easier it will be for you to sell and succeed. Look for food products that may be hard to find or source at a high quality from other retailers or wholesalers.

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