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Wealtheo is a comprehensive program of educational courses and tools designed to increase financial literacy and, by implementing these principles, reduce debt, eliminate financial uncertainty, and win financial independence.

We believe that financial education and unlimited opportunity can change lives and change the world.

We launched Wealtheo because we didn’t want people like you to endure years of hardship to simply find out what works and what doesn’t. By sharing our knowledge, we can shave years off of your path to success.

Join the community of RENEGADES who are ready to change the way business works in America.

200 Conroe Dr
Conroe TX 77301
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Considerations When Choosing a Financial Services Direct Selling Company

While there are many things to consider when choosing a direct selling company for your services, the first thing to ask yourself is what kind of services or products you are looking to get involved in. There is no point in getting involved with a financial product or any product for that matter that you don't have a passion for or experience with. Although most companies have various kinds of planning services, one may be a better fit for someone looking to scale their business versus someone looking to open a college fund. After that, examining their actual compensation plans is something essential to consider. What would your annual income look like at different levels of the company? Is the compensation plan easy to understand, comprehend and explain to others? What does commission look like? Monthly, weekly, daily? All of these questions are important to ask on top of making sure to do general research.