April 1 by Direct Selling News
WHAT MAKES a company a great place to work? It’s about more than benefits packages, flex days and foosball tables,... best places to work 2019
April 1 by Direct Selling News
Public Direct Sellers: Business Slowed a Bit in the Fourth Quarter; Lots of Changes at Nu Skin Under CEO Ritch Wood as the Company Reinvents Itself...
April 1 by Direct Selling News
Vayso combines the best of Asian and American elements to lay the foundation for a global brand. YOU MAY NOT HAVE HEARD OF THE HEALTH...
March 29 by Direct Selling News
George Guo, founder and chairman of YiJia. With 20+ years of experience in the direct selling field, the successful entrepreneur established YiJia in 2004.
March 27 by Direct Selling News
According to a new study, roughly 40 percent of U.S. adults age 21 and over indicated a willingness to explore CBD under the right conditions. CBD users
March 27 by Direct Selling News
In light of that, Dove, together with its partners Getty Images and Girlgaze, recently announced Project #ShowUs the world’s largest stock photo library
March 25 by Direct Selling Mobile
How much does it take to run a direct selling company? Budget $5-25k or more if your compensation plan or product offering requires it. Budget another...
March 25 by The World of Direct Selling
Since the beginnings of organized direct selling, many entrepreneurs have left their footprints on this industry for others to follow. Among them, there are some who still strongly inspire.
March 25 by Direct Selling News
The stock price for Avon Products Inc. spiked last Friday after the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg reported that rival Natura & Co. engaged with Avon...
March 21 by Direct Selling News
Kevin Guest was honored at the CEO of the Year awards, which recognizes execs who exude innovation, sound business judgment and proven financial success.
March 20 by Direct Selling News
The consumer interest in hemp-derived CBD as a health supplement along with the passing of the Farm Bill has spawned a interest in CBD-infused drinks.
January 1 by Direct Selling News
Your Guide to Guide to Creating an Intentional Culture You are in the direct selling business because you want to change lives. You may sell health supplements, skin care products, keepsake jewelry, wireless or energy services. You may provide opportunities for your distributors to earn extra and full-time...