How to Find Great Direct Sales Recruits

Tue Aug 2 2022 Trevor C

Direct selling can be intimidating when it involves reaching out to people through cold calling, emailing, and direct contact. Fear of rejection and low self-confidence are two of the most significant barriers holding many business owners and direct sellers back. Building a collaborative, excellent, and passionate team is one of the most important parts of selling your product and making your business thrive.

When recruiting great direct sales team members, it is crucial to have an organized, easy onboarding process accessible for everyone.

Unfortunately, research shows that 50-75% of recruits never become active or stay for over a year; therefore, the process of recruiting and team building is much easier to do when you do your research, know your target market, and can explain your mission and goals of the product or business you're recruiting for.

Having specific financial or team goals each week will help keep things organized and make it easier to maintain a certain number of recruits on your team at all times. Below are 5 other ways to help you find great direct sales recruits and build a great team.

Identify Your Target Recruits

It is important to know the kind of people that will be interested and genuinely passionate about selling your product. As well as people looking for extra income. Research your target market and find the benefits of your product for members of the community that would utilize the product.

If you are selling medical products, look for nurses, doctors, or people in healthcare who already have a network of others that may be interested in being direct sellers too. Of course, if you are selling art products, it would make more sense to find some younger artists and creators who could recruit and sell the product to their already connected community.

Identify the Needs of Your Recruits 

Sometimes companies or direct sellers develop the perspective that the recruiters work for them and lose sight of their needs. Asking questions to identify their needs will help you understand what they need from you to do their best in selling your products. Listen actively to learn about their selling process and style and what they are looking for in a partnership. It will help you learn as much about them as possible and help you guide the conversation and your presentation.

Building a meaningful relationship with your recruiter and getting to know them before dumping all the sales information on them is the number one way to keep recruits and ensure meaningful and thriving sales relationships.

Share Your Recruiting Opportunity in a Variety of Ways

In order to reach a variety of community members and increase traffic and the opportunity of bringing people aboard, share your opportunity through multiple avenues and platforms. It is important to offer the opportunity to everyone. You never know who you will meet that may be a game-changer for your business or product.

You will never know who will say yes if you don't ask!

Utilizing Facebooks ads, google ads, and platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, and LinkedIn are also beneficial. When giving your actual presentation, be sure to share this in a number of ways, as some people process information differently, and it is good to be inclusive. Utilize videos, articles, news pieces, and webinars for an interactive virtual learning process. Be sure to have email layouts and your methods on standby so people can see what they are getting into.

Don't Be Afraid to Approach Successful Influencers or Top Affiliate Marketers

Although it is crucial to make your recruiting opportunity available to everyone, sometimes seeking out already successful influencers is the best way to increase traffic on your product at a quicker route.

As discussed above, one of the number one barriers that stand in the way of direct sellers from a thriving business is fear of rejection. While it may be intimidating, the number one way to increase sales and revenue is by approaching folks with a large following or networks where they can easily recruit others and sell the product.

Many influencers and marketers promote multiple products and are often looking for a direct sales opportunity. Utilizing platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and Snapchat are where some of the most popular influence markets often advertise products for direct sellers.

Be Genuine in Your Marketing

When you are ready to present the business opportunity to your potential direct recruits, ensure your mission, values, goals, and principles of your business brand and product are clear. Having an authentic message behind your product and brand is vital for people to take it seriously and be relatable. Utilizing people who are experts in the product you're selling will make your brand more trustworthy and help build long-term relationships with passionate recruits.

The Power of Follow Up

Following up with your team members is essential to maintaining the recruits you already have, as well as building new connections as well! If someone is giving you the go that they may be interested in, following up with them in 24-48 hours is sometimes the best way to get them further interested and involved!

People value their time, and the quicker the process to get on board, the more likely they are to be loyal to the product or business they are marketing.

Don't let the fear of rejection hold you back from recruiting the best team members to help you grow your team. Good luck!