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Arbonne is one of the few international direct-selling companies that have been in business for more than 40 years and still going strong. The company was started in 1980 by Norwegian entrepreneur Petter Mørck, with product lines targeting skincare, cosmetics, and nutrition. From day 1, the company has emphasized safety and sustainability; hence, all products are 100% vegan and healthy.

Although Arbonne's journey to success has been relatively slow, it has been progressive and effective. It can be hugely credited to the company's premium quality product lines and genuine support to its independent distributors. Those include various incentives, acknowledgment and rewards, travel opportunities, and an overall friendly environment that help individuals thrive in their businesses.

Arbonne is a certified B corporation, which means that the company reaches the highest social and environmental performance standards regarding public transparency and legal accountability. The company is also working towards its ten years sustainability goals, which include using renewable electricity across all its offices, reducing plastic packaging to 50%, and producing 100% non-GMO certified nutrition products.

Additionally, Arbonne is also involved in various philanthropic endeavors. The company registered the Arbonne Foundation in 2012 to support charitable causes, aiming to increase self-confidence among teenagers and children. Arbonne is a member of the Direct Selling Association and has recorded annual revenue of $550 million plus as of 2022.

Arbonne has various chemical-free botanical products, all divided into specific categories. As a direct seller, you can pick any product from the following categories: 


This category targets individuals who want to lead a generally healthy lifestyle. It includes 100% natural daily health supplements, protein shakes, snacks, and other products specifically formulated to maintain one's health and beauty "inside out," as per the company's motto. 


This category consists of numerous serums, supplements, toners, creams, oils, masks, and everything that nourishes your skin. There are also Arbonne products formulated for specific skin concerns in this category.


This category includes all the products one can use for eyes, cheeks, lips, and face, as well as complete sets to catch up with your daily makeup requirements. All the products are 100% botanical and chemical-free. 

Arbonne 's Compensatin Plan Type is Breakaway

The breakaway plan is used by Arbonne to organize their groups of consultants. In a breakaway plan, also commonly referred to as "a plan within a plan," the Arbonne consultants are paid in two different ways depending on if they have reached a "breakaway rank".

Once a Arbonne leader reaches the breakaway rank, she and her downline form a new unit where she will earn commission based on the rules for her rank. Some compensation plans have multiple breakaway groups that are formed as the consultant hits the rank goals. This is often referred to as a stairstep breakaway plan.

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9400 Jeronimo Road
Irvine CA 92618-1907
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Considerations When Choosing a Beauty Product Direct Selling Company

Choosing the right beauty and cosmetic direct selling company may feel daunting. Here are a few tips to consider when making your decision:

Do Your Research - Before selecting direct selling makeup companies, do thorough research on the company's background and other details. Check out its history and how long it has existed, its success rate, and customer reviews.

Business Strategy - Next, you need to check what marketing strategy the direct selling company uses and its effectiveness. Most direct selling companies use more than one marketing strategy. With this, you can predict the success rate of its products.

Products Offered - This step helps you decide whether a direct selling company's product is a good fit for you. Check out their current list of products and determine how well they meet your potential customer's needs and requirements.

Expected Income - Another factor, which is also very important, is to find out how much you will earn if you finally decide to work with them. Are you going to be making profits or losing?

Compensation Plans - Before choosing a direct selling makeup company, considering their business opportunity and what you will need to do to grow your business, is as important as finding out how much you will make. Usually, every new member should have the same opportunity as older members to attain higher levels. So, you should find out the requirements for each level and how much discount and bonuses you would be earning.