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ENERGETIX Bingen designs, manufactures and markets exclusive designer jewelry incorporating high-quality permanent magnets.

Founded in 2002, the company is lead by its sole shareholder and CEO, Roland F'rster. ENERGETIX is licensed to operate in Eastern Europe, Puerto Rico, Australia, Turkey, and Mongolia.

ENERGETIX is a member of several trade associations including the Bundesverband Direktvertrieb Deutschland and direct selling associations of EU, USA and Great Britain.

ENERGETIX Bingen's Compensatin Plan Type is Breakaway

The breakaway plan is used by ENERGETIX Bingen to organize their groups of distributors. In a breakaway plan, also commonly referred to as "a plan within a plan," the ENERGETIX Bingen distributors are paid in two different ways depending on if they have reached a "breakaway rank".

Once a ENERGETIX Bingen leader reaches the breakaway rank, she and her downline form a new unit where she will earn commission based on the rules for her rank. Some compensation plans have multiple breakaway groups that are formed as the distributor hits the rank goals. This is often referred to as a stairstep breakaway plan.

ENERGETIX Bingen Address Info

Franz-Kirsten-Strasse 1
Bingen 55411

ENERGETIX Bingen Contact Info

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Authenticity - Join a company with steady growth and at least a few years in the market. It should be registered and established with financial backing. A brand new company may offer less competition but can be a risky investment and vice versa.
Product Demographics - The company you associate with, should sell a product or have a range of products targeted to a large demographic. Such jewelry and accessories have more reach and more sales potential than highly specific jewelry products.
Joining Requirements - This differs based on companies. It can be buying a joining kit (with product samples, discount coupons, brochures, and catalogs) or a monthly fee. Look for an option that suits your budget and sales method best.
Commission Model - Check the benefits you have as a seller like discounts, freebies, etc. Also, compare the percentages offered by said direct selling jewelry companies for sales profits and recruitment commission.